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 AEI Acoustics are based in the Midlands.  We offer a nationwide service providing acoustic consultancy and design guidance from early planning through to remedial works.  

With over a decade of experience in providing assessments and acoustic solutions, you can rely on us for a professional service and expert advice.

From a local village hall to large scale infrastructure projects we can assist, whatever your requirements. Whether you need a couple of acoustic panels or a full environmental noise impact assessment. No project is too big or too small.  

On-site testing is carried out by qualified engineers or consultants fully conversant with current acoustic standards, and all health and safety regulations. From ensuring compliance with Approved Document E on your new development, meeting environmental and industrial acoustic requirements (BS 4142 and BS 8233) and meeting requirements in other government standards such as   BB93 to HTM08-01.  For further information and a free consultation please contact us today.

At AEI we provide assistance in the following fields that require acoustic assessments or treatment as part of planning or legislation:


This relates to the field of acoustics that ensures sound performance levels meet required standards in buildings


Ensures that noise levels on developments or infra-structure projects do not have an adverse effect on the surrounding environment


Ensures noise created within an industrial environment does not have an adverse affect on the health and well being of individuals within the vicinity

Within the main fields the following services can be provided to meet your specifications.

Measuring environmental noise from existing sources
Acoustic Testing

Environmental Impact Noise Assessments, Sound Insulation Testing and Reverberation Testing. Other testing is available if required, contact for more information

Pictorial representation of noise levels within the boundary of an industrial estate
Acoustic Modelling & Simulation

Providing cutting-edge computer simulated models through CATT or Cadna A, material assessments using INSUL or simple predictive assessments for reverberation

Designing effective acoustic solutions
Design Guidance

We provide advice and guidance on all aspects of acoustics design from early planning through to remedial works on historic buildings.

Acoustic Materials

With access to a wide range of products we can supply materials and products to meet your acoustic requirements and specifications. An installation service is also available.

CPD Presentations

We can provide CPD presentations on a growing number of subjects within acoustics. Please check out our page for full details.

We can provide acoustic testing, support and assistance to the following sectors:
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Building Acoustics

Absorption, Reflection, Reduction and Flanking

When sound energy hits a flat surface one (or more) events will take place depending on what the surface is manufactured or constructed from.Porous materials such as open cell foam or mineral fibre will provide absorption that assists in controlling reverberation.Most surfaces will allow sound to bounce off (or reflect)Read More

Sound meter and tripod for measuring sound pressure levels
Building Acoustics

The benefits of good acoustics

What and Why? Acoustics are an integral part of many different building types and designs, and usually, just the bare minimum is undertaken to meet statutory requirements without any consideration as to why the acoustic package has been included within the overall specification.Part of the reasoning behind this may haveRead More

Wall & Ceiling Materials
Building Acoustics

Sound Insulation for Partitions

The topic of sound insulation within acoustics can be a complicated subject for a variety of reasons including terminology, the sector it is being applied to, standards and rating values. At AEI Acoustics we want to help you understand the subject easier, for the specific sector you are concerned aboutRead More