Acoustic solutions take many forms depending on the type of issue you need to resolve and in some instances more than one solution may be required in order to achieve maximum performance levels required.
Depending on the sector or industry acoustic requirements will differ dramatically although the concept remains the same. The two main concepts that traditional treatments offer are:
Absorption that allows sound energy to be converted to heat and as a result reduce the amount of sound that can ‘bounce’ around an area.
Reduction that prevents sound travelling from one area to another by adding a solid mass layer between the noise source and the receiver.

Providing acoustic solutions from a wide range of providers allows for independent and unbiased solutions. We are able to offer acoustic solutions to suit most specifications and applications.
By offering a wide range of products we can ensure that all our solutions solely focuses on the best product available to meet the performance levels and specification required.

Typical products we can supply and advise on include the following and broken down by use:

Sound Absorption

Wall Panels
Ceiling Panels and Rafts
Stretch Fabric
Melamine Foam
PU Foams

Sound absorption

Sound Reduction – Architectural

Acoustic Flooring – Overlay
Acoustic Flooring – Structural
Acoustic Underscreed Products
Acoustic Underlay Products
Acoustic Doors
Mineral Wool
Specialist Plasterboard Products
Resilient Bars and Hangers

Sound Reduction

Sound Reduction – Industrial

Enclosures and Canopies
Containers and Specialist Systems
Acoustic Screens and Barriers
Acoustic Doors
Flexible Barrier Materials
Flexible Damping Materials

Acoustic Solutions

Installation of acoustic solutions

We can also provide installation services to fit most products that we offer or if required we can provide advice and assistance to ensure your own installation crews have all the information to undertake this task yourselves.
All our installations are carried out by fully qualified installers with decades of experience in the field of acoustic installations.

Acoustic solutions providers include:

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