An acoustic underscreed is essentially a resilient layer that is fitted between a concrete deck and the screed layer applied to level out the floor, ready to accept the floor covering being used.
These products can easily be used in new build and refurbishment projects and should be considered when designing an acoustic solution for concrete floors.
As with all acoustic products, underscreed solutions are designed to achieve a wide range of impact noise reduction levels. Impact noise reduction levels required under current Building Regulations are available in Approved Document E.

Specification for acoustic underscreed products should be carefully chosen. Designers need to ensure acoustic performance and suitability for the type and weight of screed to be used meets the manufacturers data.
Other technical aspects that may need to be accounted for include, but not limited to: load bearing capacity, creep, suitable for use with underfloor heating, deformation and resistant to ageing.

Typical acoustic underscreed products

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