Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A key element to any professionals role is the ongoing development of skills and knowledge within the workplace.and are commonly provided through the provision of short seminars and presentations known as CPD’s (Continuing Professional Development) on a wide variety of subjects. 

At AEI Acoustics we can provide the CPD presentation in a number of different ways:
        1. At your own practice – usually over a lunch time period and we can even provide lunch
        2. Via Zoom or other screen sharing platform (check in advance for availability)
        3. Download video and watch at your leisure (in development)

We are happy to provide these presentations within your own practice however we request that you contact us by telephone to make the booking to ensure we are fully aware of any requirements that need to be met given the current Covid-19 outbreak.

CPD Presentations Available

We currently have the following CPD presentations available:

    1. Residential Acoustics (Approved Document E and more)
     A look at how what we need to do to comply with meeting acoustic requirements within residential developments

    2. Acoustics in Education
     Looking at acoustic requirements within the education sector, including BB93

Coming soon

Over the coming months we will also be adding the following CPD presentations:

    1. Basic Acoustics
         What are acoustics, how we perceive sound and the affects of poor acoustics

    2.  Environmental Acoustics
          Look at working with  BS4142, BS8233 and more

A CPD presentation on the basics of understanding Approved Document E (part of the current Building Regulations) and how these can be implemented to ensure that your developments meet the requirements shown in the guidance document.

Available as a lunch time in practice presentation (other times also available), by Zoom or other screen sharing platform and by video (see link below)

– Planning
– Approved Document E
– Types of Noise
– Performance Standards
– Sound Insulation for Walls
– Sound Insulation for Floors
– Acoustics, Ventilation & Overheating
– Environmental Acoustics
– Meeting Higher Demands
– Sound Insulation Testing
– Positive Effects

A CPD presentation on the basics of Acoustics in Education and how Building Bulletin 93 (BB93), Approved Document E and other standards are used to provide acoustic environments that are suitable for teaching and learning.

Available as a lunch time in practice presentation (other times also available), by Zoom or other screen sharing platform and by video (see link below)

– Specification of Works/ Projects
– Standards and Regulations
– Indoor Ambient Noise Levels
– Building Services
– Airborne Sound Insulation
– Impact Sound Insulation
– Reverberation in Teaching & Study Spaces
– Reverberation in Sports Halls & Swimming Pools
– Sound Absorption in Corridors & Stairwells
– Compliance and Commissioning
– Structured Approach to Acoustic Design

To request further information, a call back or to book a CPD session please complete the form below