A key element to any professionals role is the ongoing development of skills and knowledge within the workplace and are commonly provided through the provision of short seminars and CPD presentations known as on a wide variety of subjects. 

At AEI Acoustics we can provide the CPD presentation in a number of different ways:
        1. At your own practice – usually over a lunch time period and we can even provide lunch
        2. Via Zoom or other screen sharing platform (check in advance for availability)
        3. Download video and watch at your leisure (in development)

We are happy to provide these presentations within your own practice however we request that you contact us by telephone to make the booking to ensure we are fully aware of any requirements that need to be met given the current Covid-19 outbreak.

CPD Presentations Available

We currently have the following CPD presentations available:
    1. Residential Acoustics (Approved Document E and more)
     A look at how what we need to do to comply with meeting acoustic requirements within residential developments
    2. Acoustics in Education
     Looking at acoustic requirements within the education sector, including BB93

Available CPD Presentations
Click on the desired CPD presentation below to be redirected to our You Tube channel

CPD availability from AEI Acoustics
CPD availability from AEI Acoustics