Power generation can be a complex process when having to consider an acoustic solution given that a great number of variables need to be taken in to consideration at design stage, that include such items as:
– Type of generator set to be used
– Type of fuel
– Fuel storage
– Radiator (cooling)
– Attenuation
– Fire Suppression

Power Generation Enclosure

Generator sets can be of varying sizes depending on the factors above and be from a few metres up to a 40′ container (and even bigger), capable of generating sufficient power to keep a business or community with power either as the main source or as an emergency back-up option.
With the need to ensure a continuous service the use of such has become an integral part of the infrastructure in many industries including data centres, banks, hospitals and much more. These units are connected to the buildings power grid so that in event of sudden power loss the power generation unit can automatically kick in keeping disruption to a minimum. Depending on the type these units can be completely self sufficient with its own internal fuel supply, primed and ready for use.

Given the nature of these units we advise that you contact us at the early stage of planning so all consideration can be given to ensuring the acoustic requirements meet those of the demands required of it. Whilst self contained in an acoustic enclosure, with specially designed attenuators to ensure air-flow is sufficient for running and cooling purposes, noise may still be an issue with a Environmental Impact Assessment advised for both new or existing power generation units, if there is any doubt over the generation of noise pollution.

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