This type of enclosure differs in so much as they provide sound havens from noise outside of the enclosure.
Given the design these make ideal areas for control rooms and welfare areas to ensure that employees are not put at risk or as an employer, the Noise at Work Act is not being contravened.

Sound havens (and control rooms) come in a wide variety of sizes from a 1.5 metre square telephone booth to a large control that oversees production from a suitable vantage point. Ideal where the operator(s) only need to be exposed to a loud noise source for brief periods of time (using suitable hearing protection) where control of larger processes can be undertaken remotely.

Control Booths and Sound Havens

Details and designs

Depending on size, these can be supplied as a fully built (and fitted out) unit that just needs to be moved in to position and connected to the required services. For larger units these may need to be built on site using methods similar to those used for Industrial Enclosures.

To provide the required noise reduction a solid steel outer skin is used with a mineral wool core and perforated inner steel inner skin (to keep the mineral wool in place and let sound through to the mineral wool). The panels are generally around 100mm thick, although panel thickness can be increased or decreased depending on performance levels required.

Sound havens and control rooms generally need to have clear areas of vision to ensure operations can be observed and any abnormalities or issues clearly visible to the operator and to ensure that the acoustic performance remains un affected double glazed solutions are commonly used. Glazing specification will largely depend on the overall performance levels needed to be complied with inside of the sound haven or control room.

These enclosures can be fully fitted out including electrics and panels to couple the control equipment to the machinery or plant, along with such items as air conditioning which is ideal when used in forges or other hot (or cold) industries.

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